Hall of Fame - Batting | Heathmont Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11054121001517093190170105Jack McNeilHeathmont2019/2020G Turf (Butler Shield)1 1St Kevins OC
288399133151709337884188*Ben MorrisHeathmont2019/2020Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)1 1Mulgrave
364377029151709318920464Paul PerryHeathmont2019/2020C Turf (Thomson Shield)6 1Boronia
458376737151709319017358Anthony BucelloHeathmont2019/2020G Turf (Butler Shield)2 1Donvale
557412105151709323280357*Scott DawsonHeathmont2019/2020LOC 5 (Minahan Shield)6 1STC South Camberwell
655412137151709318754755Thomas ThirlwellHeathmont2019/2020Dunstan Shield1 1East Doncaster
752376757151709323279152*Michael FreemanHeathmont2019/2020LOC 5 (Minahan Shield)3 1STC South Camberwell
852412123151709319017052Dylan BarkerHeathmont2019/2020G Turf (Butler Shield)1 1St Kevins OC
952272102151709323280352Adrian GraceHeathmont2019/2020LOC 5 (Minahan Shield)6 1STC South Camberwell
1050272102151709319006150Adrian GraceHeathmont2019/2020F Turf (Patterson Shield)6 1Donvale
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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