Hall of Fame - Batting | Heathmont Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11077440891487093057837107*Trent J WynneHeathmont2018/2019Under 18 - Friday Night4 1Warrandyte
21063991331487092944633106Ben MorrisHeathmont2018/2019Dunstan Shield1 1East Doncaster
31057440891487093057829105Trent J WynneHeathmont2018/2019Under 18 - Friday Night2 1Nunawading
41044042021487092947430104Alex GemenisHeathmont2018/2019G Turf (Butler Shield)3 1Donvale
51023991331487092944645102Ben MorrisHeathmont2018/2019Dunstan Shield4 1Ashburton Willows
61003991331487093074429100*Ben MorrisHeathmont2018/2019Kookaburra T20 Cup (www.kookaburra.biz)1 1Boronia
776412100148709294743376*Jack McNeilHeathmont2018/2019G Turf (Butler Shield)4 1Burwood
8741823016148709294464974Hasitha NirmalHeathmont2018/2019Dunstan Shield5 1Canterbury
966377029148709294719466Paul PerryHeathmont2018/2019C Turf (Thomson Shield)4 1Ashburton Willows
1064412105148709294743764Scott DawsonHeathmont2018/2019G Turf (Butler Shield)5 1Surrey Hills
1163371145148709294822163*Jason IRISHHeathmont2018/2019C Synthetic (Wilson Shield)5 1Clifton Hill Cricket Club
1263412105148709294821463Scott DawsonHeathmont2018/2019C Synthetic (Wilson Shield)3 1Glen Waverley Cougars
1353376760148709294820353David GibsonHeathmont2018/2019C Synthetic (Wilson Shield)1 1Glen Waverley Cougars
1452377029148709294718752Paul PerryHeathmont2018/2019C Turf (Thomson Shield)3 1Marcellin OC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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