ECA Volunteer of the Week - Trevor King
Date of Event Heathmont Cricket Club : Wed Dec 4, 2019
Trevor King - Heathmont Cricket Club

Trevor King has been a core member of the Heathmont Cricket Club for many years. He has been serving afternoon teas at Heathmont since 1995, but has noted the fantastic culture and support around the club ‘If I ask them to do something or help out, they always do it without hesitation’.


This love and respect has been reciprocated by club, as Trevor was nominated for Heathmont Cricket Club in 2010. 


He takes great pride in his afternoon tea’s: ‘I like to think that HCC was one of the leading clubs that helped lift the standard of afternoon teas presented (Around the competition)’. He also jests: ‘I am still proud of the fact that to date, I have not yet served tofu, latte with soy milk, avocado or sushi!’.


Being around the club for 24 years, Trevor has been able to witness the improvement in facilities around the HE Parker premises, including the cricket nets, oval and now pavilion. He shares a few of his favourite memories over this time:


Best Player:

Ben Morris


Favourite Player:

Dean Freeman


 Most Memorable Match:

HCC vs Richmond City in 2003/04, scoring 7/438 in the first innings at HE Parker No1 Oval. The Gibson brothers Martin and Greg, Andrew Grubich and Ben Morris all having a day out.


 Other highlights:

Former HCC President & Club Captain Frank McCann playing his 1st game with 14 year old son Brent who took a hat trick vs Boronia Churches.


 HCC 2’s Grand Final reverse outright victory vs Eastern Willows at Ashwood in 2001/02


 Former Coach Craig Williams pulling a hammy then going on to make 100+ (with a runner)


 Ben Morris’s innings in a final at Glen Iris hitting big 6’s up the hill in the early 2000’s.


 Ben Morris’s Grand Final winning innings vs Hawthorn in 2017/18 


 Ben Morris 800+ runs last season, including his 216 runs vs Surrey Hills


Dean Freeman bowled 3 overs of outswing, got a wicket and as the incoming and outgoing batsmen crossed, the outgoing said he is bowling all out swingers. First ball to new batsman was an in swinger, out LBW for a golden, he was not happy when he got back in!


 Dylan Howard used to be around the club every Saturday arvo after playing junior cricket in morning, now he has developed into a 1st XI cricketer.


 Watching current Club Captain Tim McCann play as a 15 year old and still watching him today at 41. He is a little bit slower between the wickets these days! Used to love it when he came in late in the day and started taking sharp singles, really livened up the game. 

Last updated: Wednesday December 4, 2019
Author: Brett Smith