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HCC Senior Team Awards

1st XI Batting Average

Dylan Howard

308 runs @ 38.5

1st XI Bowling Average

Dylan Howard

23 wkts @ 19.70

1st Xl Fielding Award

Lachie Tie


1st XI Players’ Award

Dylan Howard


1st XI Captain’s Award

Josh Quinlan


2nd XI Batting Average

Cooper Sticht

241 runs @ 40.17

2nd XI Bowling Average

James D'Alberto

14 wkts @ 12.21

2nd Xl Fielding Award

Lucas Shah


2nd XI Players’ Award

Cooper Sticht


2nd XI Captain’s Award

Bevan Roberts


3rd XI Batting Average

Sam Batten

239 runs @ 29.88

3rd XI Bowling Average

Dylan Barker

19 wkts @ 13.68

3rd Xl Fielding Award

Sridar Devaraj


3rd XI Players’ Award

Sam Batten


3rd XI Captain’s Award

Nathan Arbuckle


4th XI Batting Average

Paul Perry

492 runs @ 49.2

4th XI Bowling Average

Brian Scholtz

23 wkts @ 7.74

4th Xl Fielding Award

Luke Carter


4th XI Players’ Award

Brian Scholtz


4th XI Captain’s Award

Ben Hallikainen


5th XI Batting Average

Zac Gemenis

254 runs @ 23.09

5th XI Bowling Average

Zac Gemenis

12 wkts @ 21.17

5th Xl Fielding Award

James D'Alberto


5th XI Players’ Award

Zac Gemenis


5th XI Captain’s Award

Riley Logan


6th XI Batting Average

Cam Saw

331 runs @ 33.10

6th XI Bowling Average

Sean Bithell

14 wkts @ 11.57

6th Xl Fielding Award

Adam Brogden


6th XI Players' Award

Cam Saw


6th X Captain's Award

Jamie Smith


Women’s Batting Average

Samantha Gemenis

97 runs @ 48.50

Women’s Bowling Average

Matilda Brogden

8 wkts @ 10.25

Women’s Fielding Award

Thasini Hemachandra


Women’s Players’ Award

Samantha Gemenis


Women’s Captain’s Award

Soosh Stipancevic


Veterans XI Player of the Year

Ian Rosthorn


Veterans XI Captain’s Award

Ian Rosthorn



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